Travel and Take It Out.

No, human body can’t be shut down and neither could be restarted like computers and other machines


In this whole world people of different age groups and gender are running behind time continuously, they are working day and night exhausting their minds and bodies due to various reasons. some of the might be doing for to fulfill their dreams some to take care of their families, their responsibilities, others might be doing so to prove something; housewife exhausting themselves to keep their family happy and Nourished, soldiers are risking their life and health to protect the citizens and similarly students are day and night rubbing their minds off to keep up to their parent’s expectations leading to immense exhaustion.

now this was the exhaustion of body of physical adsorption there is get another type of exhaustion which is emotional exhaustion and frustration there is no single day in anyone’s life which has no stress frustration anxiety and other feelings the human body is so tired of this daily it’s ocean and breakers retain that has stopped working properly the minds of people nowadays have become so feeble that it can’t distinguish between happiness and rest. Today’s generation thinks that they are living happy and stress free life, if it has trips to malls, movie theatres with friends and family or if their getting off from their work so that they can spend the time laying in the bed all day they regard it as refreshing and relaxing. Students in schools do a given vacation but they are of no use as along with holidays they are being over loaded with tons of homework and assessments to be done in free time.

It means out of 365 days if you are getting a few days to be with yourself, to live happily, then also you need to work! what is this with all the people? they can’t even show mercy on their own body and mind, they always want to get one thing or the other out of it all the time. unfortunately, our body is not a computer machine, so we can’t shut it down for a while and refresh it as computers need a break, restart to work efficiently, and if it is not getting its fair share of time to get cooled down it will start malfunctioning; so what could be done to prevent the non-efficient working of mind in body? what is the way to refresh and restart the human body? could it be shut it down? is it possible?


No, human body can’t be shut down and neither could be restarted like computers and other machines but what if we can’t shut our system down, we surely can shut the heavy load file of stress tiredness exhaustion frustration which has been constantly running on our system. Now that the door of problems, routine life and irritation has been shut what now? is it time to go to mall? Or to lay at house watching television? No, absolutely not! Relaxing is the next step after shutting down and in order to relax the best way is to move and move without stopping, inhaling every moment of life i.e.; TRAVELLING.

Yes! some people even have travelling as a hobby but apart from hobby it could be taken as a therapy. During travel one experiences a flood of emotions which tend to come out, and this is the right time to slowly exhale out the frustration, exhaustion, tiredness and the stress of whole time. And to inhale the scents of air; the warmth of sunlight; the rustling of leaves; meet new people on your journey to wherever; interact with strangers; try to know them, learn more about yourself through their eyes; develop a new self; let go of the problems and loads of life; be like air flowing and moving on its own soothing who ever passes it; fill yourself with life; plant a new seed of happiness and fulfilment in yourself and germinate it.


Travelling is like a friend, a true friend! it is a process which will induce new life into any person and will absorb all the sorrows and stress from the person’s life, teaches you to never stop, keep moving, letting go of one thing and easily moving on it sucks all your exhaustion day by day and will give a new ray of hope in your dark and blind life of routine.

Travelling tells you that you have a pair of legs, a pair of lungs, two beautiful eyes; to walk and run, to inhale and exhale life, to witness the life in life; even those places which you have visited before will make you smile or laugh or even cry as it brings back old memories. New places help you to make new memories to remember and recall in the future to laugh and smile. Just go on the mountains and say all your problems out loud, or go in the warm desert and try to make eye contact with the sun, the former activity will lighten you up and will give you knew friends – the mountains! which will listen to you and will spread all your sorrow, exhaustion and sadness in the whole universe that it gets diluted, and the latter activity will either make you blind 😉 or will induce self-confidence and strength in you.

Walk along the rivers, drink rain, feels snow showers on your face, stand near waterfall, talk to trees and mountains, play with sea waves.


Now is the last step- restarting. yes, after you have travelled the path to your soul, now is the time to come back and restart what u had paused. Restart your daily routine life and find a new energy, a new light and a life in yourself which will eventually make any work you do more beautiful but don’t forget to talk to your friends that means the rivers, the rain, the trees, the strangers and of course the inner self.


As all the three steps to feel good have been done, again a time will come when you will feel depressed, stressed, exhausted, tired and all but don’t worry that will be the time to TRAVEL AND TAKE IT ALL OUT.


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