Our team

Ankit Dutta

Founder and active member of team saathihelpline.He is a business minded  man with emotional heart. He is skilled in various  fields like information technology,digital marketing,business management.

He had been awarded by organization like Microsoft, Google and HubSpot for his contribution in various fields

He is mainly playing the administrative and managing role for saathihelpline and does  more  for the organization.

Shubhankar Upadhyay

Founder and active member of the the team saathihelpine.He is a man who always  took up a work and finish it with a thought that, People who are much better than me are still waiting to get a work, so if I  have got the work I shall perform it in the best way I can.

He is a critical thinker,amazing speaker and audience maker. He is having further technological and management skills too.He is the main adviser and ambassador at saathihelpline and does more for the organization.

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*This is not a crisis or Suicide Prevention helpline, if you feel you are in crisis please contact nearby police or dial emergency numbers.*