Saathi Helpline Focuses mainly on helping those individuals who are in distress due to Exam Stress, Social Media Threats, Anxiety and much more. And We also try to cover Emotional Distress caused due to various reasons.

What we provide


We provide Help via call, Live Chat and Email. We try our best to provide a non-judgemental help to the individual in Mental Distress.

School programs

We believe School is the best place to educate students about exam stress and Cyber Bullying. For this we conduct free of cost seminars for the betterment of students.


For remote areas where we can’t reach, We publish Youtube videos. By Watching those videos one can get motivated and educated about how to handle distress and Cyber Bullying.

schools we've worked with

Till now we’ve worked with many schools. We provided the students enough information regarding Emotional Distress, Anxiety, Social Media Threats, Cyber Bullying etc. It is a matter of proud that everyone were satisfied with our Free of cost programs. If you are a teacher or an official reading this and find this interesting Please feel free to contact us. We would like to work with you. We are available for the betterment of the society.

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