Those peoples who only pretend to be good are more toxic than those whom we refer as bad.


I don’t know if this article is decorated with beautiful words and rhymes or not. But one thing is sure that it can suggest you so well that you can understand that, in our life we should always be “ready to connect with good people and avoid those who only pretend to be good.

Actually this is not a Article but a simple suggestion.

 I haven’t tried to know more people in my life. But whom I know I have tried to recognize them, I always try to observe those people whom I meet in my life. You may call it my behavior or my habit but this is the truth. I notice everything and I notice everyone.  I don’t know whether this is good or bad.But from this behavior, I have learnt and experienced one thing and that is, “We should always be ready to join good, generous and great people”.                                                             

But there is one more point, on which I want to focus the most and that is, we should know the person with whom we are connected, they are actually good or they are only pretending to be good. This is very necessary according to me, because what I have experienced is that, those peoples who only pretend to be good are more toxic than those whom we refer as bad.  And in today’s era, the percentage of such people is much more.

The reason why I am calling these pretending people more toxic is, the people whom we know, that they are bad, they are evil, we keep ourselves away from them, we are aware of them and we avoid them, so there are very less chance of getting harmed from them. But from those type people who only pretend to be good, we are usually not aware, we are not even supposed of getting harmed from them, and when they do so, it doesn’t only harm or hurt, but creates a deadlock condition in our life.

So I suggest everyone that,” be aware in your life in every circumstances as these types of people may exist in any phase or portion of your life”.

And I also want to tell all those people who only pretend to be good, that please don’t do this, just be you, be yourself and make yourself actually good.  As sometime, you show your hollow goodness in sake of getting praised. But, you should know that when people praise, they make a huge expectation from you in their mind and then when you show your reality, it hurts too much to them. So please don’t do this.

So now I am ending this suggestion type article here and at last I will say that, from this article, I am not telling you to become over revolting or start judging everyone suspiciously. No, not at all. But yes, be aware of almost everything, everyone and everywhere in your life and also suggest your closed and loved ones to own this in their life.

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