We can be bright like the Sun as we have the capability to burn like it.

Why to depend upon others when we have our own capabilities.


Our country is celebrating its 72th Independence Day today. On, this day in 1947 our country took freedom from the British Rule (Yes I am writing ‘Took’ because we fought really hard for it).  Our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji hosted our national flag on Red Fort in New Delhi. After that every year the respective Prime Minister of our country hosts the Tiranga at the Red Fort. We celebrate our independence day in a very beautiful and glorious way. We feel the proudest, when we salute our national flag and sing our national anthem.

The sound of patriotic songs played in various social places and organization, the decoration of our surrounding places with the tri color balloons and ribbons, the patriotic movies and shows telecasted on T.V channels, articles and stories of independence of our country in newspaper on the independence day provide us the feel of getting blessed by our freedom fighters and mesmerizes with pleasure of independence.

The happiness, the pleasure and the satisfaction which we get in celebrating our independence is irreplaceable.  But . . . . . . . .

Yes, this”BUT” , I hate this “BUT” . Whenever we celebrate any of our festival, whenever we wish each other for a good reason, we are bound to add this “BUT”.


This small “BUT” consists of a lot of unwanted and sad things in it.

When we celebrate Holi , we Play with colors for the whole day and then at evening , we dress up with new clothes . But, there are many people in our country who dies due to the lack of clothes or even a blanket which can help them to resist the weather.

When we celebrate Diwali, we lighten and decorate our home with lights and candles. But there are many in our country who don’t have their own roof to hide their head.

When we celebrate Eid, we decorate the dining table with variety of delicious recipes and then there we read the news that a man was killed by the crowd as he was caught stealing two chapattis from a hotel.


Now, many of you may be thinking that Yes, things like these (Poverty , hate , lack of livelihood)   are very genuine problem of our country ,but why I have placed all these with independence day?

So dear, our country is no doubt a beautiful country, but things like these are the spots on its beauty, which made us to behave like the Moon, which is beautiful but have some spots on it and depends on other for the light to shine.                                                                                                            

But, we are not that, we are the Sun, which is spotless and bright on its own.And we can be bright like the Sun as we have the capability to burn like it.  

Friends, we have the fire of Bhagat Singh in our blood, calm of Mahatma Gandhi in our heart, potential of NetaJi Subhash Chandra Bose in our mind, Rigidity of Chandra Shekhar Azad in our body and blessing of all our forefathers and with all these we can do whatever we want to do for the betterment of our country.


So, in this Independence Day let us take a oath with saathihelpline that we will always be ready to burn to make our nation bright. And if we are able to do even the 1% of what our forefathers have done for us, we can remove all the deformities from our nation and like our freedom fighters we will make our country free, But this time from these problems like hate, poverty, lack of education, lack of livelihood, gap between rich and poor’s and all these.

If we will be able to do this we can provide a definite relief to the soul of our forefathers.

So friends I and team saathihelpline wish you all a very happy independence day. May god bless us with goodness and prosperity?                          

PSFriends as I am not a professional writer, but I assure you that I have tried much to express what I felt.  Keep supporting me and Saathihelpline, we promise to assist you in the best way we can.

Jai Hind.

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