An Open Enemy Is Better Than A False Friend

True Friends are like an empty bucket in which you can dump all your sorrows, miseries, secrets, and can trust them forever.

By Muskan Sharma

In life we make many relations, family, friends, cousins, teacher etc etc. Sometimes we may even feel connected to strangers.  In all this huge web of relationships we somehow manage to find people similar to ourselves. Such are the people with whom a person feels connected, alive, and happy and like oneself. These people teach us many values of life, without even letting us know. Such people fulfill the need of love, care, and control in one’s life. Apart from family, generally a person spends much of his/her time with these people only. And ‘these’ people are known as “FRIENDS”.

“FRIENDS” say this word in public and at will instantly bring a smile on faces; this happens so because everyone in their life has/had at least one true friend, even whose mention cheers them up. Now we most often hear a term as “TRUE Friends”, well, what are true friends? Are they different from normal friends? What kind of classification ‘friends” can have?

True Friends are like an empty bucket in which you can dump all your sorrows, miseries, secrets, and can trust them forever. True Friends are like a balloon (empty) in which you can fill the air of your special secrets, your moments of happiness, the names of your childhood crushes, your anxiety, your over excitements, your scars, your mood swings, etc and they will just take all of it with them, soaring high in the sky, along with you cherishing each and every moment of your life with equal flood of emotions as you, yet not letting the high tides of feelings destroy you in any way.

Now if we’re talking about true friends then there must be some “False friends”, but how can friends be fake, after all these are the people who make us feel good and alive. So what happens that the true changes to false? Well, it’s not friends who change, these “false” friends are the outcomes of one’s own wrong decisions, they have always been same (false), and it’s just that with time they start showing their true colors. People generally tend to make friends just by looking at the social status, wealth, fame, etc, but they forget that a true friend is not the one who makes us look good in front of others and transforms us according to the world, but rather the one who makes us feel good about ourselves even when we are alone, and in our own eyes.

Such false friends  are mostly the reason that people get involved in misdeeds , and cannot see what is good or bad for them, just because their so-called friends think it is cool to misbehave, to ignore the conscience, lose self-control, degrade one’s own dignity, just to get that thrill of being bad!

The truth is these friends or false friends or even these “peer pressure groups “ are the only ones who act as a two mouthed snakes, they first make you jump into hell hole and don’t even try to bring you back in case you are stuck. Unlike true friends these peer groups will not stop you and protest if you are leading on a wrong path, in fact they might even encourage you.

Most of the suicides in India have a bit reason of wrong choice of friends as those people do never keep a check on your well being.

So make friends which understand you and which make you understand, who will fight with you for you won right, who will care for you more than yourself and who will induce patience, life, strength and happiness in you, and strictly stay away from the ones who pressurize you to do any wrong task.


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