The "Dark" Side Of Social Media Networks.

Slayer of Instagram and Facebook without knowing the truth…. Really???


Social Media Network is an empowering tool, and one that has breathed new oxygen into our communication process.It has enhanced our communication skills and changed it for the better. In recent years it moved to a central part of how do we communicate. Thoughts once reserved for personal views have turned into status updates, tweets and hash tag trends.

It gave us access to connect to anyone instantly, the freedom to share an endless stream of thoughts and photos and many more.
But it have some negatives too, But we deny this fact.

I am not against girls who uploads pictures on instagram, facebook or any social network. but i am against those who thinks they are the slayer of social media. I am against those who thinks that getting tons of likes make them cool. But What about your privacy? what about your security?

Let me start with Instagram.

Having Thousand of followers and getting tons of likes after uploading a picture on instagram doesn’t make you cool. But it makes your security under threat.

What about the dark side of Social Media?

There are thousands of evil minded people out there who can use your picture for illegal purposes and can make your identity under threat. In this digital world Your picture can be used for fake profile. It can be used for fake chats and someone can morph it with a porn model too.

Yes i know that Private Profile feature is there but i have seen so many girls approving unknown users follow requests.

Let me tell you a short story. Once i was on my way and one of my junior met me… He was so much tensed.. I asked him what happened, He told me something shocking. His elder sisters Picture was used for making a fake profile and Even the one who used her picture morphed her picture with some Nude models. We are in complete shock after hearing this incident. His elder sister was crying endlessly.

Later we found His elder sister was having more than 2k followers on her private profile. and was continuously uploading her pictures.

I am not saying Don’t upload pictures, I am saying that please approve only those you trust upon. Your Family Members, Your family friends etc.

Thousand of Likes and followers doesn’t matters. But the thing which matters the most is your Privacy.

Now Facebook

I have seen so many girls accepting Friend Requests from unknowns and keeping their profile Public. What is the benefit of a public profile? Unless You want to be exposed on an illegal website with morphed pictures. Offensive Isn’t it?

I have seen so many guys asking Nudes from their girlfriends. Once a guy was asking a girl her Nudes like “Baby Khol ke do na” and the worst thing is even that girl was reacting like nothing happened. “Girl if you are reading this Please forgive me, I peeped into your account”

Girls please use the maximum level of privacy for your account.

Your safety is most important.

The thing which makes me laugh hard… I have seen many users using fancy terms for their profile. Such as: Hearthacker, Heartbroker,… Even girls are not less they too use these types of fancy terms examples are: Queen_____, sweet_poison, bitchy_witch and how can we forget Papa_ki_pari etc.

I don’t know what is the use of these fancy terms? I don’t know what is the use of Thousand of followers. But I know that your privacy is most important thing.

Use Your Brain and try to be safe, There is nothing more important than your safety and Privacy.

And remember Your hardwork is going to Pay off your bills and not these shitty fancy terms.

PS: I am not against anyone. I know it is their matter of choice. My priority is to save everyone from potential threats. The usernames displayed here are only for representation purpose and can’t be linked with any person living or dead. Sorry for bad grammer 😉 More to follow. More on Next Article.


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