Your Character is Your Reality!

if you want to grow a tree of success  in your life,than  the root of this tree will be your “character”


Your Character is all ,what you know about yourself. You can know your character by the action ,by the beliefs ,by the  thinking  which you do,  you believe and you think in the presence of your soul only. If people talk good about you in front of yourself than it may be your reputation but if people talk good about you in your absence than it is mostly possible only if your character is good.

In my school days I had heard a statement from one of my teacher, he said “ If you lose your wealth ,you have lost nothing, if you lose your health ,you have lost something, but if you lose your character , you have lost everything.” The effect of this statement is still in my mind and  every time it hits my mind whenever I do something new in my  life. So what I understand is that, if you want to grow a tree of success  in your life ,than  the root of this tree will be your “character”. You can be great only if your character is great.

Yes ,You may get reputation ,health & wealth  and may all means for living a luxurious life even with a weak character but a weak character  can never give you the relief and satisfaction, And what I think is that losing a game in your life is better than winning the game with unfair and filthy character, because that can give you the rewards and awards but it can’t give you the real happiness and the satisfaction as your soul will always poke you that you have cheated and you are a cheater.

On the other side, the man with good character is always a winner  as a person with good character is always loved, cared and appreciated  by everyone.  He is free from every kind of hatred and conspiracies, and getting all these in your life is much better than any award.

So, keep your character good and the almighty will bless you with goodness.

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